Mobilizing Imaginary for Experience Design

Publication in The Design Journal, vol. 20, Iss sup.1: Design for Next: Proceedings of the 12th European Academy of Design Conference, Sapienza University of Rome, April 2017

This article reports on the workshop I led during Design for Next Conference last spring. It aimed at revealing the potential of imaginary to trigger innovative positions and ideas, particularly addressing the early key stage of problematizing a design issue.

The workshop process aimed at accompanying the gradual drift from a focused brand point of view to a representation of the imaginary and emotional dimensions of experience. It was based on the imaginary card, a tool designed to help express and leverage the imaginary attributes attached to a brand, articulating collective and individual work.

Thanks to all the workshop participants for choosing this session and for showing a positive mind. The thoughts and insights shared in a warm and multicultural atmosphere were precious to help refine the process and tools. Looking forward to a new workshop on imaginary soon… ? Contact me if you are curious to try it !

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