IASDR 2019 Conference

The conferences season started early this year, with the always friendly IASDR held in Manchester (Sept. 2-5th 2019) and entitled Design Revolutions. I had the opportunity to present a paper nurtured by my practice as an Experience Designer and Professor.

Embodying Design Practice. Designers’ Experience and the Chakra Model

This study proposes a practical framework based on a dialog between a phenomenological approach to designers’ experience and the metaphoric model of Chakras, coming from the Tantric Buddhist tradition. In the paper, I correlate each Chakra to attitudes and tools used in Experience Design projects, which all work together as an integrative framework to support designers’ self-questioning in practice. This crossed investigation aims at drawing a few guidelines to feed designers’ approach to Experience Design over and above a methodological perspective, putting a strong emphasis on the emotional and bodily dimensions.

This on-going research is particularly important to me, and the warm welcome given to the paper encourages me to pursue on this track. Now it’s time to experiment with practitioners and researchers from other disciplines.

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