Ethics in practice


Being a designer is more than doing design. I understand design as a praxis, an ethics in practice. Ethics is not a state but a process of continuous introspection aiming at practical wisdom – or phronesis to recall an early Greek concept. Knowledge and experience combine, leaving space for doubt and uncertainty as drivers for creation. This is how mindful designers develop a course of conduct and a stance in society, taking on responsibility for their choices while opening up to discussion or contradiction. Please do not reduce the beautiful discipline of ethics to a set of moral judgments! It is complex in the noblest sense of the word, just as life is.

A few projects in this field
– An Ethics Primer for Designers (on-going project)
– Research on “the blind spots of design thinking – Portraying designers’ singularity”
– Design research path (Strate School of design 5th year students)
– PhD in Applied Arts on reflective practice (2014)

I have a crush for…

the masters Hannah Arendt, Paul Ricoeur and Donald Schön, Alessandro Mendini’s writings, Stefan Sagmeister’s way through design and life…