Design x management


Designers are never alone in projects but embedded in a complex mesh of actors. Their aptitude to translate, compose and diagnose often leads them to play a mediating role. Indeed the values and practices attached to design resonate with management concerns – to name just a few: caring for systems and people, breaking frontiers and routines, focusing on meaning and how things could be… Design expertise is relevant not only for cross-disciplinary projects but also for organizational transformation. I am committed to spreading design attitude and tools in companies’ processes and production – because one’s inner state reflects outside!

A few projects in this field
– Exalt design lab (researcher & co-supervision of two industrial PhD thesis)
– Research studies on designers & managers roles (with Valérie Mérindol & Nicolas Aubouin, Paris School of Business)
– Topiae research project (2016-17)
– CPi cross-disciplinary innovation project mentoring (Schoolab + industrial partners with Centrale + ESSEC + Strate students)

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