Design for experience


Objects are no as ends in themselves but conditions for and supports to experience. Design should hence care for holistic dimensions, including emotions, rhythms, social relations or meaning… Yet, as living a memorable and transformative experience remains highly personal, all designers can do is designing for experience, hoping to meet people’s needs, purposes and/or aspirations. I help companies crafting and experimenting tools and methods – such as experiential prototypes: speculative scenarios embodied through workshops designed to deeply experience, share, debate and reflect on innovation issues. Always a special moment!

A few projects in this field
– Experience design seminar (Strate School of design)
– Experience design curriculum (Strate mastere I&D students + industrial partner)
– Tools & workshops on imaginary, rituals, analogical thinking… (industry + academic conferences)
– Speculative design projects

I have a crush for…

the pioneer work of John Dewey, Patricia Moore’s engagement as a designer, the tools developed by Bill Gaver, my friends from Design Friction…